Warner Brothers Has Released All 23 Episodes Remastered
From The Original Camera Negatives.

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Warner Brothers Official Release Of
2 Hour Pilot Under It's Original Title PROBE.

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If you remember Search, this is the site on the internet where you can relive those memories; or you can discover the show for the first time.

This site is a co-effort of (who got everything started, had all the scripts, and many slides) and Special Thanks to Don Harden who has an amazing vault. writes: I was an 11 year old boy who was totally hooked upon viewing the movie/Pilot which originally aired as Probe. A high-tech detective working with a team of scientists monitoring his every move and providing information and advice, the show became my all time favorite. Search was futuristic, suspensful, well executed and clever. NBC picked up the movie/pilot, changed the name to Probe 3, then to Search, and aired 23 episodes, Wednesday at 10:00 PM during the fall Season of 1972.

We are filling the site with pictures, sound clips, video clips, faqs, scripts, collectibles, etc. Be sure to bookmark and check back.

To view images from the episodes, click here

To view the actual shooting scripts click here

To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions click here

To see tv listings, reviews, ads, articles about Search click here

To see the different ways that Search/Probe was promoted click here

To see Search merchandise of yesterday and today click here

Click here to read articles written by fans ranging from meeting Search stars to studies of film frame images.

Hugh O'Brian Web Site Autographed Picture

Near and dear to Mr. O'Brian's heart is the organization he founded in 1958:  The Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership.  It's mission:  "to seek out, recognize and develop leadership potential commencing with high school sophomores, and to encourage and prepare the next generation of civic and corporate leadership for America's future."   To learn more, please visit the HOBY web site by clicking here.

And click here to visit Mr. O'Brian's official web site, which goes into great detail about his acting career...especially his Wyatt Earp tv series.

Neil Strawbridge has created midi sequences of the Probe pilot theme, and the Search theme.  Click here to hear them (you will have to enter either title in the search box to get to them.)

In front of the soundstages at Warner Brothers are plaques showing some of the productions filmed in each studio.

And Search was not forgotten:

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(click on the picture for the full size image)

Thanks to Tom Frank, for letting us use his picture.  You can see more of his great snaps of the Warners Back Lot by going here.

We have an active discussion Search/Probe discussion group
with hundreds & hundreds of posts. To go to the discussion group, click here.  To view the past messages, click here.


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